Sonar Developer Edition 8.1 decorates PRs with broken images


I’m using the developer edition 8.1 and I have the images broken in my PR Decoration. The links to Sonarqube are pointing to the right place as I set the Server Base URL parameter but the icons are still broken.

As a detail, I run my Sonarqube instance in a VPN protected URL but I’m logged in my VPN when accessing the PR decoration page in GitHub.

When inspecting the page, l see this code:

<img src="" alt="No Coverage information" title="No Coverage information" data-canonical-src="https://MY SERVER URL/static/developer-server/checks/CoverageChart/NoCoverageInfo.svg" style="max-width:100%;">

Accessing https://MY SERVER URL/static/developer-server/checks/CoverageChart/NoCoverageInfo.svg displays the image successfully.

Any thoughts?

I’m running into the same issue. I would appreciate any help.

Hi, you are in the same situation as this thread, please have a look

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