PR Decoration image broken

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  • SonarQube Version 8.4.1
  • CFamily Version

Github pr decoration image is broken. When I clicked the image, it links to localhost:9000 which is not the right server url. Why am I get this problem? Besides, my sonarqube server is installed at private network and I’m using github enterprise.

BTW, I’ve set sonar.core.serverBaseURL still got the same error.



I think this is what you’re looking for:

SONAR-13106 - Allow images to be loaded from an external public source during PR/MR decoration

The description only talks about GitLab, but a comment acknowledges that it’s a problem for GH too.


Yeap I think that’s the one. It’s not fixed, right?

Correct. Feel free to vote for it.


When will it fixed?


If you ‘watch’ the ticket, you’ll get notifications for ticket edits, including when a Fix Version is set.