Images in PR Decoration - SonarQube 7.7 and GitHub Enterprise Cloud

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Our organisation currently runs SonarQube Enterprise Edition on premises (not publicly accessible) and we are using GitHub Enterprise Cloud i.e. hosted at In the process of evaluating the latest SonarQube 7.7 where PR decoration has been moved to the Checks tab, none of the image resources are able to be displayed (see below screenshot) as they are served from our private intranet URL. Normally you would expect this to not be an issue while connected to the private network, however it seems GitHub’s use of anonymized image URLs prevents this ( This issue seemed strange as our live SonarQube 7.4 instance is able to display images in the Conversation tab for the PR without the same problem. A quick view source has shown that the older SonarQube version is using image resources from, which is obviously publicly available. So my questions are:

  • In which SonarQube version was the change made to stop using resources from
  • Would it be considered feasible to add the option to switch back to using etc for those running installations where they are using a private SonarQube instance with a public cloud-based VCS provider such as GitHub?

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Since version 7.7. Images are now loaded from SonarQube server instead of

Yes, here’s a ticket to track progress on this bug: SONAR-11872

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Has this issue been resolved in 7.9 LTS? We are trying to decorate PRs in and are still getting images pulled from http://localhost:9000 in the latest Developer Edition LTS.

Sorry for the false alarm but for some reason when I added the Jacoco plugin the images started working.