Missing icons from pull request decoration on github

I’m using sonarqube, developer edition.
I have a project in sonoarqube with github alm integration.
I was able to successfully create a githubapp and integrate it with sonar project and on branch I can see the pull request decoration.
but the icons are missing from the decoration page.
I see some similar topic already opened before and was closed as this issue was fixed in version 8 of sonar.
But this happens to be the case still for me, my sonarqube is not available via internet and is only available in our company’s VPN / Network.

I checked the general settings, sonar.core.serverBaseURL is set correctly.
Also all links from the PR decoration tab works fine except the icons.

Can you please help me out ? is there’s any more thing I’m missing in the setup ?

here’s a screenshot of my pr decoration tab on my github PR.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, if your SonarQube is not accessible for outside, Github CDN can’t fetch the images and serve them through user-images.githubusercontent.com. If you figure out the IP/domain of GitHub process to fetch images, you can whitelist it in your firewall.

Or wait for SONAR-13106 to be implemented.

okay, thanks a lot for your reply.