Sonar Cloud/Quality Gate

When we add sonar Cloud/Quality enabled in the branch policies for PR, PR is getting waited stage forever. So, it is impacting the PR to get success and decreasing code coverage quality.

If we disabling the Sonar quality checks in build – will lead into quality issue and moreover Sonar quality checks are monitored by customer.

Please resolve it ASAP.


Hello @Naveen_kumar,

I will need some more information to be able to assist you.
Do I understand correctly that you expect SonarCloud to mark your PR as passed/failed when the quality gate passes or fails?

Could you provide the following information:

  • Which ALM are you using? (GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Azure DevOps)
  • Which CI are you using?
  • Could you share your CI configuration that executes the code analysis
  • Can you see your PRs on the SonarCloud interface (see attached picture)?