SonarCloud/quality gate step "waiting"

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository: C#

My organization has Sonar Cloud checks on pull requests and we are now seeing this issue. The SonarCloud Analysis step runs and passes. Then the SonarCloud/quality gate step says “waiting” despite the Sonar Cloud website saying the quality gate is passed and clicking into the SonarCloud Analysis step → Extensions shows quality gate as passed.

I have tired waiting a while and re-queuing the analysis and creating another PR with the same results. I do not see any obvious errors to report.

Hey there.

Is your project bound to the correct project, containing the PR you expect to be decorated?

Yes it is. I see the Azure DevOps icon as in the article you linked when viewing the project on SonarCloud.

I am also experiencing this issue with my Azure DevOps organisation, we have 100s of pipelines with SonarCloud quality gates in, which have worked without issue for well over a year. Recently, pull requests get stuck waiting for the quality gate to be published, we can see in SonarCloud that the scan has completed, and the details published on the pipeline itself show the correct information.

What’s odd is that it’s random, some builds get the gate published, some don’t. When rerunning the PR build, sometimes this fixes it and the gate it published, and sometimes it doesn’t. Different people have triggered the rerun and there’s no consistency in what makes it pass.

Hey @drestivo and @Lareeth, I’ve sent you both PMs to collect some additional information to see what’s going on.