Sonar Cloud/Quality Gate Status not updating on pull requests- intermittent issue started happening recently

We have branch policies that needs to pass before every PR is committed to our develop/master branches. We have test coverage requirements, code smells, bugs among other rules that are in place and a Status Check policy on the Quality Gate results of an analysis.

The sonar cloud steps in our build are working. I can see the quality gate result in SonarCloud, but it is not reporting back to the PR in DevOps on ‘some’ PRs (see attached two images from different PRs), thus some of the PRs are stuck with the quality gate status check in “Waiting”.

I have updated the PAT from DevOps into the Administration tab, under Pull Requests, re-queued the build several times but it is updating the quality gate result on some PRs and not updating on other PRs. I dont understand why this is a behaviour only seen in certain PRs and not others as they are all using the same pipeline

Hello @tmurali and welcome to our Community!

Could you check if the analysis was finished on SonarCloud side (the ones you get a “waiting” status). If they are finished, with a Quality Gate, could you tell me if this issue has some pattern or is just random PRs?

This could be a connectivity issue, can you double check your network configuration? The SonarCloud/quality gate does a pooling into SonarCloud server to “wait” for the Quality Gate.