Sonar cloud - how can I make sonarcloud to scan my whole project once again

I’m Unable to scan my whole code again , only new codes are being shown I want to be able to reset my past code scan as I made to mark some false positives

but I want to reset all these and scans once again, kindly let me know

Hello @varo_thaya ,

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I am not sure I fully understand the problem. Could you provide a link or a screenshot of where only new code is being shown, and what updates you would like to see?

Hi Martin ,
thanks much for responding, I have a codebase . Got it scanned and received a report of some issues
but I marked quite a few false positives .
now whenever a new code is committed the sonarcube only detects the new codes that were committed.

how can I make the sonarcloud scan my full source code so it can detect the same issues again and hilight to me again. I need to do this at least for few times before I let your new feature “clean code” to work.

Is this a private or public project? If it is a public one, could you send me a link? That would make it a bit easier to help out.

Hi Martin ,

it’s a private project, basically I’m wondering how I can make the project be scanned with whole source ,
I’ve also tried but it did not show any new detention or did not seem to redetect the bugs

For long-living branches (e.g. your main branch), the full source code should already be scanned. We just split the view so that you can easily focus on the new code first. If you are on your main branch summary in the SonarCloud user interface, you should be able to switch to the overall code as well.
Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 18.32.56

This is a bit different for pull requests, where we only display the results of code that has changed.

Hi Martin,
Noted.but I’ve created a branch and I want the branch and I want that branch to be scanned with the whole code every time. is that not possible?
full scan is only valid with a master ?

Hello @varo_thaya ,

This is possible as well. We distinguish between short-lived and long-lived branches. Short-lived branches behave similar to pull requests and thus only results from changed code will be reported. Long-lived branches are very close to your main branch, where you will be able to look at the overall results as well.

You can find the configuration of the pattern we use for this distinction on your branches page on the top right. After setting this up to your liking, you have to remove the branch (the one that should switch from short-lived to long-lived) from SonarCloud and run the analysis again. Now you should be able to see the results both for new code and overall code as well.