Sonar not able to Scan my code

I created a project in sonar cloud and i am trying to scan my code from a branch which is not the main branch , but it shows following…

but when i digin further i see the lines

when i click on overview i see the below

Hello @Bhallamudi ,

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My guess is that the branch is set up as a short-living one, which only analyzes the changes to its parent branch (most likely the main branch). If you want to continuously analyze that branch (e.g. if it is your development branch or a maintenance one) then you can set it up as a long-living one. You can find more information about branch analysis on our documentation.

To set up your branch as a long-living one, navigate to your project and select Administration → Branches & Pull Requests from the menu. On the top right you are going to see the setting Long-lived branches pattern. Please adjust this to match your requirements. Now you should remove the branch in SonarCloud and analyze it again.

Please let me know if this worked for you or if you have any other questions.


Thank you it helped

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