Scanning entire project

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  • ALM used: Bitbucket

  • CI system used: Bitbucket Cloud

  • Scanner command used when applicable: SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION=

  • Languages of the repository: c

  • Error observed: No errors.

  • Issue: Whenever there is new check-in, only the changed (delta) files are scanned. Sometimes I want to scan the whole project (there are c code files in the sub directories)

  • Steps to reproduce: Check-in the code

  • Potential workaround

My question is how do I scan all the directories in the repo that contain ‘c’ files?

Hey there.

Is this on an analysis of your main branch (in which case all files should be analyzed), or your pull requests / short-lived branches (in which case, it’s expected only changed lines will be shown).

Checkout the documentation on Branch analysis (including a discussion of long-lived branches, which are full branch analyses).

I am talking about the short lived branch.
I created ‘dev’ branch from ‘main’ branch. I consider ‘dev’ as the long lived branch only.
In this case, how can I do the full scan (not for every commit but sometimes)?


You will need to:

Does your current pipeline run on every commit to dev? If yes… it’s going to be hard to not have SonarCloud analysis run as a part of it without a dedicated separate build. If no, then you’re already in good shape.