Sonarcloud integration for c project

Hi Team,
I am not able to build c project using sonarcloud.
I have written bash script for c project
but not sure what exactly need to provide for <insert_clean_build_command>

Ideally, your bash script, if it compiles your code!

Can you please share clear build pipeline on how it needs to be build

@Colin running sonar scanner in feature branch but results in sonarcloud are displaying in main branch. Please help how to overcome this

Hey there.

In what context are you running analysis? Manually… as a part of a CI/CD tool (if so, which?)

Yes azure devops, but defining sonar installation and build wrapper in backend docker file and sonar project properties file

@Colin pls reply

Hey there.

This is a community forum – it’s not appropriate to bump threads, and you’re not providing a ton of information.

It sounds like you need to set to indicate which branch is being analyzed. See the documentation on branch analysis.

Yes colin even i have provided that key value of
When i provide above key value it is creating branch in sonarcloud but shows zero analysis

Pay attention that when analyzing branches, a short-lived branch will only show changes between the source and target branch that have also been checked into source control