SonarCloud scan showing hundreds of New Errors on Old Code all of a sudden from previously-scanned code

Hello –

We use SonarCloud to automatically analyze our default branch and Pull Requests (using default analysis settings) in Github. SC creates a Summary Commit in the conversation tab of our PRs and we have noticed that hundreds of Code Smells and Bugs from a bunch of old code (older than 30 days) was being reported in a recent PR, but not in previous PRs to the same branch (testing branch » production branch).

I couldn’t find any docs / info related to this and wanted to see what triggered all of these “new errors on old code” to be shown?

Below, I am showing the comparison between the 2 PRs, 4 days apart.


Hello @trackwell-mike,

That is certainly unexpected behaviour.

Could you check if there any differences between the scanner properties that were set for both analysises? You can see this by finding the corresponding background task in the SonarCloud UI (Your project > Administration > Background tasks > Show SonarScanner Context)