Sonar/CheckMarx Integration via the Sonar CheckMarx Plugin

HI -
We are running version 7.4 Community Edition of SonarQube on Linux. I am trying to integrate the CheckMarx Reports so they can show in the Sonar Dashboards for the projects where scans have been completed via CheckMarx Plugin version available in the Sonar marketplace. When we installed SonarQube, we chose to implement the web context root sonarqube. Our URL is

I enter the configuration for the CheckMark Server as outlined below from within SonarQube

Upon hitting test connection, nothing happens. Using the Develoepr tools in Chrome, I can see that the URL that is being used to connect/query the CheckMarx server for project is throwing the error message.

The URL that is being sent needs to include the webcontaxt root, so we can get our results.

How do I go about making this configuration change? Is it SonarQube or CheckMarx that needs the update?

Thank you! doesn’t list compatible with versions of SonarQube beyond v6.7 LTS. You’ll probably want to get in touch with them about it (and for any support related to it).

That said… you can always check the global Administration to see if the Checkmarx plugin is supplying an area to feed configuration (like credentials). Worth a shot.

Thank you for your help. I cant believe I missed that requirement-:crazy_face:
I will contact our CheckMarx team for resolution.
Have a great day!