CheckMark Integration Questions

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We are using SQ Community Edition v 8.9.7 and looking to integrate the CheckMark scan results. I understand that the integration is configured at the project level via URL, credentials, and then selecting the CheckMark project.

I have 50+ projects that are scanned via CheckMark and require integration. Is there a way to set the URL and credentials at the global SQ level? I understand that I would still need to visit each project to select the CheckMark report. Im just looking for a quicker way to get this down.

Also, does this integration always pull the latest CheckMark scan results (aka once and done), or does config have to happen with every scan?

Thank you!

Since Checkmarx themselves owns this integration, you probably want to get in touch with them.
We don’t have any experience using it (nor do we maintain it). Plugins |

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