Integrated Sonarqube with Checkmarx, Need to setup global variables in Sonarqube

which versions are you using (Sonarqube 7.9.3 LTS licensed Enterprise version and Checkmarx 9.2/hotfix-6 )

  • what are you trying to achieve - Trying to setup global variables in Sonarqube for Checkmarx. We have about 80 projects, we want to implement to achieve a consolidated report. Let us know the process.

NItesh S P

Hi Nitesh,

The Checkmarx plugin isn’t supported here. You should ask the Checkmarx folks about it.


Hi Ann,
we have installed SonarQube 7.9.3 LTS Enterprise version. We have integrated Sonarqube with Checkmarx 9.2 and we need to integrate Checkmarx with all projects (more than 80 projects), is there any way to setup as global variables in Sonarqube for Checkmarx details like url, username, password, Checkmarx Project and Remediation Effort or can we pass these values from Jenkins CICD pipeline. Adding more details to previous query. Thanks for quick reply.

Really not more I can say.


if Checkmarx advertises with their integration in Sonarqube, they should also provide support.
As Checkmarx customer you will be able to ask their support team !?
Did a quick search and it came up with

From the Checkmarx documentation link given there it seems the Checkmarx settings for Sonarqube are at project level only.
So you may use Sonarqube web api api/projects/search to get the projects.
Then use api/settings/set in a loop to set all Checkmarx Sonarqube properties per project.
See yoursonar_url/web_api for the builtin Sonarqube web api documentation.