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With Sonar 9.6.1 searching for Won’t Fix issues will show a particular author in the log but when searching by just the author name no Won’t Fix issues appear for that author.

Here is an example:

Searching by filename an issue created by Richard H (confirmed in Git as the author).

But when searching for Won’t Fix under the same name nothing is found:

In fact filtering by this user does not show any resolved issues, on any branch


Only Unresolved issues are found. For other users Won’t Fix issues do appear.

Is there a reason for this?


Hey there.

What does the author facet display when you’ve filtered down to Won’t Fix, such as in this example?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the question.

The user’s name does not appear when either the filter is Won’t Fix or when it is Won’t Fix + the File Filter.


In that case, I would guess that the issue has no author – and that most probably SCM data isn’t available for this code.

  • Viewing the file itself in SonarQube, is any blame data loaded?
  • Do the analysis logs indicate an SCM provider could be found?

Hi Colin,

There is blame data, and the SCM provider is correct. Because the user’s Unresolved Issues are found (see screenshot above), this is probably not the cause.

This seems like a bug.


Except that the issue you shared a screenshot of has no author, as indicated by the issue comment Created rather than Created by

So this specific issue appears to have no author.

Does that line have SCM data when you view the file (Line 13) –

Thanks Colin. I can see the missing original Issue Author problem now.

The reason for this query was because we disagreed with the issue resolution the “resolver” applied to some issues and we wanted to find all the other resolutions of that “resolver”.

I guess it is only possible to search by Author and not by “resolver”? How can we find all resolutions a particular “resolver” has made?


Hey Will

That’s an interesting use-case I’m not sure we’ve considered before. This isn’t something that you can filter on (the information is only stored in the changelog of an issue, and is not reflected by the author/assignee of the issue).

This would mean, unfortunately, having to use the Web API to iterate through GET api/issues/search and then parse GET api/issues/changelog for each issue.

It’s an interesting use-case that might belong in Product Manager for a Day - Sonar Community

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