Can not find modification with the author's name with some users

Dear all,
I have an issue with some users. We can’t find their modifications by searching with the author’s name.
The users/authors exist (connected to AD) the modifications exist, but we don’t find them by author’s name.
SonarQube version: Community Edition Version 7.9.5 (build 38598)

If you an idea or which log to investigate?

Many thanks,

Hey there.

What do you mean by “modification”? Any additional details, screenshots, etc. would be a big help.

Thanks for reply.
Please find below the screenshot, the user “jacek” added code but we can’t not find it from the search field ? Thanks…

Thanks for the clarification.

What you see when browsing the file is just blame data imported to SonarQube. Since there are no issues raised on that line, it’s not possible to filter to that author.

SonarQube isn’t built to find who changed what lines, leave that to your SCM tool. But it does you filter to the author if there’s an issue raised on the lines they last touched.

Thanks Colin