SonaCloud Public IP addresses

As our company policy requires, external service providers must provide a list of know IP addresses for the allowed list firewall policy whenever they need to reach our servers.

In our case, we’re using the SonarCloud paid plan, and the reports are sent back to our CI platform using a webhook. Since we’re unable to find a list of addresses, I’m wondering if we can get one or host the app on our side.

Either we’ll need the IP addresses, host internally or find an alternative to SonarCloud.

Hi @robertomoutinho and welcome to the community !

As a Cloud service provider, you may know that we don’t have fixed IPs, given our distributed infrastructure.

As such, we can only direct our customer to be base on our well-know host :

If you have strong firewall rules, why not choosing SonarQube instead ? You can host it by your own, and i think this will best suit your need.


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