GitHub IP Whitelist and SonarCloud

Does SonarCloud support the GitHub IP Whitelist feature or offer a list of public IP addresses for whitelisting? Other GitHub Marketplace Apps will automatically add themselves to an organizations IP whitelist (Dependabot, for example) but it didn’t seem like SonarCloud offered that same functionality when authorized in the org.

SonarCloud support told me to ask this question here in order to get the devs attention…

Hi @LeaderXFX, and welcome to the community!

Indeed, SonarCloud does not provide fixed public IP addresses. The IP addresses you will get when resolving will change with time.



I am wondering if this is still the case?
There is no fixed IP address for sonarcloud?


Hi @void,

Yes this is still the case. As of today, we have no plans to provide fixed IP addresses for Would you want to share your use case and its rationale?