Public IPs for SonarCloud

My datacenter manager has Germany and Ireland both completely blocked due to multiple attempts on our network. Therefore, our private build servers cannot reach The DC manager, however, is willing to add exceptions to the firewall.

What are the public IP addresses for so that we can post our build data?


Hi Joshua,

(Sorry for my last answer if you saw it but it was incorrect), As we are on a on cloud service, we cannot guarantee specific IPs, only the hostname



I’m not interested in the WebHooks. What I’m looking for are the IPs with which my local sonar scan communicates. As of right now, sonar scan reports an error saying that it cannot connect to

When I run dig it reports that your two public IPs are and I just need to confirm this or correct/expand this.

Please advise.


Hi Joshua,

We don’t have fixed IP addresses for itself. IP addresses you were able to dig may change over time with workload and recycling of underlying resources: we do not guarantee permanent IP addresses. As you could see from our documentation, we will also drop support for webhooks fixed IPs shortly. This is in my opinion a trend you should observe from most other online service providers.

Out of curiosity, why would you block all outgoing network traffic to Germany and Ireland?


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Unfortunately, I’m working with a customer who has pretty archaic datacenter governance.

Additionally, they chose to just block all incoming and outgoing connections to Ireland and Germany because of some DDoS attacks from a couple of IPs at one point.

Fortunately, they’ve opened up outgoing routes to Germany and Ireland from the two build servers. So, I’m able to connect regardless of your dynamic IPs.


Are there any recommendations for corporate customers, who access sonarcloud from behind a firewall?

By this I mean our firewall exemption rules are IP based. The issue is our on-prem build servers will work only until the sonarcloud IP address changes. Then our builds will break.

This is seriously disruptive.