Some Questions about develop new plugins

Dear All:
I develop a plugin for check sql rule.such as use "col is nul"l instead of “col = null” in sql where statement.
I devlop it according to DemoPlugin and developing-plugin document.lAnd Its language key is oracle,It’s working fine.
As we all know SQL in every database is deffierent ,so I need use different SQL Parser to parse SQL.
I copy a new project from my first project and modify all pom config that need mod diff.this project’s language key is mysql.
Each plugin can run alone,but when I install them together, I found SonarQube server can not start.
It is automatic stopped with an Error “exception caught on transport layer”

I try to slove it a few days,but no use.

Can anyone help me?thanks

You’ve probably got a bunch of logs in your $SONARQUBE_HOME/logs folder. Have you checked them all?

I have got all,and also set log to trace level.but not found any infomation that is useful.
9001 is ES port ,and es.log cannot find any error.
in sonar.log,I also can not find anything except for network error with ES.

I wouldn’t jump to setting your log level to TRACE. :slight_smile: Useful information (including errors) can be found at the INFO level. Sifting through TRACE level logs is pretty difficult unless you know what you’r looking for.

How about your web.log file? Is there one?

Thank you.I found excepiton .
why two different language need different repo?
SonarAnalyzer, I think it is repo for java,python,etc.

O I see,I try to read sonar offical plugin setting
SonarAnalyzer is name and key is different