Implement new rules for PL/SQL

Hi im using SonarQube 7.3
i want to know with who i can see the fact of getting new rules on the PL/SQL plugin

So far i tried to make it on Xpath but i couldn’t do it because of the technology, and i try to use a personal plugin but i wanted bot the sonar pl/sql plugin and mine analyze the same tipe of the extension but i saw it wasnt possible so i wanted to know if its possible to add rules to the official plugin.

Hi Marco. Are you using a paid edition of SonarQube with SonarPLSQL? If so, you must use XPATH to create new rules. Unfortunately SonarQube doesn’t allow that two separate plugins analyze the same file.

If you have an standalone analyzer you could try to generate a “Generic issue data” file to import the issues to the SonarQube server. Then you’ll be able to analyze your code with SonarPLSQL and your own analyzer.

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I see the following options:

  • Import generic issues as suggested by @felipebz
  • Create an XPath rule, but I understand that XPath is too limited to write the rules you need
  • Create your own custom plugin
  • Suggest in this community forum the rules you would like to have in SonarQube PL/SQL analyzer

You can create your own plugin and deploy it on a server which already has sonar-plsql-plugin.jar. However, it should not declare the plsql language and the same file extensions as sonar-plsql-plugin.jar. It can still analyze the plsql files and raise issues on them. There are some open source community plugins which do that for java (example).

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