Where to start to find problem - when two custom plugin using

I have developed plugin development about rule about xml.
I have problem when using two custom plugin.

I develope for xml plugin.
There is plugin for java by other person.
When I apply it, it’s beviour is some strange.
When I turn off plugin for java plugin and only using my xml plugin.
After running it check xml and show overall code- bug number and and I click bug number, it shows where the line problem. Yes, everything is ok.

But when I turn on both of plugin for java and plugin for xml. Something strange.
It show bug about xml on overall code - but when I click the bug number it’s can’t show detail thing about where line is problem as below
“We couldn’t find any results matching selected criteria.”

This is happen when I use two custom plugin for java and xml. There is no problem when I use only plugin for xml.

Where can I check the problem? Is there log about sonarqbue?

Hi Paul and welcome to the community,

Could you provide the version of SonarQube, sonar-java-plugin-X.X.XXXX.jar, sonar-xml-plugin-X.X.XXXX.jar?

Sorry late response.
Version info is as below.

sonarqube version :
java plugin: sonar-java-plugin-
xml plugin: sonar-xml-plugin-