Sonar XML Custom Plugin

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Hi All,
I am using sonarqube- version and trying to develop some custom xml rules on Maven platform. I am done with that added the plugin into sonarqube server. While trying to bring up the server, getting an error like the below:

2022.08.10 09:44:49 ERROR web[o.s.s.p.PlatformImpl] Web server startup failed: Found a plugin ‘XML Code Quality and Security’ in the directory ‘extensions\plugins’ with the same key [xml] as a built-in feature ‘XML Code Quality and Security’. Please remove ‘extensions\plugins\sonar-xml-plugin-2.6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar’.

Not sure how to overcome this. Can anyone please help. Thanks in advance.


Hey there.

SonarQube does not support writing custom rules for XML in Java. You should either use xPath rule templates, or import generic issue reports.