Software CO2 Usage per User

Dear Sonar community,

I hope this is the right channel here but it was suggested by the sonarcloud support team to open a post about this here.

I am currently using the Sonarcloud and I am interested in understanding its carbon emissions impact on a per-user basis. This information will help my company align on sustainability goals and communicate them to our stakeholders.

Is there a way to retrieve the following information:

  1. Details on the CO2 emissions associated with the software per user.
  2. Any measures or features designed to reduce the software’s carbon footprint.
  3. Information about any environmental certifications or assessments related to the software’s sustainability.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Jeremias,

Thanks for reaching out on this very interesting topic!

To answer to your question: we don’t have this information (CO2 usage per user). Yet, this is definitely something that I’d be interested to dig in at some point. Would you be open to a discussion with me on this topic?

Hi Fabrice,

thank you very much for your reply.

I hope that we can find a good answer to these questions in our discussion which will help people understand the CO2 usage in sonar cloud.