Key Numbers and Statistics about Sonarqube

Hello everybody,
me and my team are conducting a study about sonarqube because a lot of people in our company and collaborators are using sonarqube for their codes. To present sonarqube, and to develop a new plugin, we have to present the software and especially the statistics about the software and users : how many users use sonarqube? how many companies? what is the average frequency a user deploy an analysis? In brief, numbers that show the weight of sonarqube in the world today. If anybody has documents or brut statistics that could help us it would be really great.
Thank you everybody!

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Welcome to the community!

We publish a few numbers on our sites, but beyond that I don’t have a lot of numbers to offer you. Anyone can download SonarQube without any gating or data collection and use it… or not. There is telemetry - SonarQube phones home to send a few anonymized data points on a regular basis, but a) that can be turned off pretty easily and b) not all SonarQube instances can talk to the internet.

We publish (bottom of the page) 14k+ customers and nearly 300k organizations. But we have no way of knowing how many developers that multiplies out to.

Regarding analysis frequency, we believe per-commit is the best practice. For very, very large projects that may not be practical, but in most cases it’s what happens.