Reports and details on usage of SonarQube

First, I’m a big believer in SonarQube having seen at a previous company how much it helped developers write better code. My company currently has a small Developer Edition license which I’m trying to expand to include more repositories. The trouble is I’m being asked to show how much the current SonarQube instance is being used and what value we are getting from it.

Is there any plans to have better analytics for the usage of SonarQube itself? For example he’s one graph from a different product showing the activity of users in the system over the previous week.

The kind of data I’m looking for is:

  • How many unique users signed into the SonarQube over the past day/week
  • How long were they (total/aggregate) in SonarQube and/or how many actions did they perform?
  • How many Pull Requests were scanned over the previous day/week?

For actual Issues you can see a trend on an individual project basis, but being able to aggregate it across all projects would be more useful to justify an increased expenditure.

I didn’t find anything on the roadmap covering this. Is this something that could be looked into?



Hello JohnH,

Thank you for raising this. This is a topic that is on our radar, although we do not have anything currently in plan for delivery this year. Would you be happy to have a short call to discuss your needs further?

Hi John,
Apologize for delay in responding. Spam filter blocked all messages from the community site and I didn’t notice until this morning. Quick call would be great. I don’t see a way to private message - if you can see my profile it has my direct email where we can coordinate a time.