SLE, severity of rule description not in sync with configured severity


using the most recent version SonarLint for Eclipse
We get a lot of questions because the severity of a rule in the rule description view is not
in sync with the configured severity of the quality profile, whereas the on-the-fly view has the
correct severity, e.g.

This is no showstopper, but developers are being misled.
Any chance this will be fixed ?


Hello, thanks for your suggestion.

This is actually a pretty tricky topic, and I understand how this can appear as misleading to developers.

On the surface, I agree that in a simple scenario, the severity shown in the “Rule Description” view could be synchronized with the one from the server’s quality profile.

However, projects in a single workspace can be bound to different projects on server side, and hence use different quality profiles, with a different active severity for the same rule.

Moreover, the severity of each single issue can be changed on the server and differ even from the one set in the Quality Profile.

This is ultimately why the “Rule Description” view shows the default severity, as declared in the rule metadata.

Now, one thing we could do to alleviate the discrepancy is to show a message on the “Rule Description” view if any open project is bound to a server, e.g :warning: Some projects in the workspace are bound to a server, actual issue severity can differ from the one show here”.

I think it is doable, I created a ticket: