Rule explenation shows default severity, not the one from the active profile


(Joachim Lous) #1

In the plugin for intellij, the list of issues on the left correctly uses the severity configured on the server, but the rule description on the right shows a different value, presumably the default.

(Duarte Meneses) #2

That’s correct. When connected to a server, issues can have any severity (regardless of which rule created it) since the severity can be overwritten in the rule or in the issue itself (in the server).
The rule description that is shown on the right side is not contextualized with the specific issue shown on the left side. Therefore, it shoes the default severity of the rule.

I’d assume that some users expect to see the default information about the rule, that shouldn’t be ambiguous depending whether it has been changed for the specific issue that is selected on the right side.

What do you think about this?
Personally, I’ve no strong opinion about it.