Showing other branches in Projects page


We are using SonarQube Version 7.9.2 Developer Edition

I have some teams that work on long-lived branches other than the main branch in their projects. On the SonarQube projects page it looks like these projects have not been scanned for a long time because they have not scanned the main branch recently. However, they have scanned other long-lived branches. Is there a way that we can configure their projects so that the other long-lived branches are taken into consideration on the projects page?



Hi Steve,

I think this will help:

MMF-1335 - Allow a different, existing branch to be designated the Main Branch

As I understand it, we’ve done the (not simple!) preliminary work, so presumably this will come “soon”.


Hi Ann,

i fully agree with @stephenrpalmer
With the disappearance of widgets the Sonarqube UI lost a lot of his flexibility.
Don’t get me wrong, the new dashboards are great, but quite some teams used and miss
their custom dashboards.
As admin i use the background page combined with tail to see all going on, but developers can only use the project dashboard for tracking. Ok, also notification mails, but for quality gate events and (my) issues only.
Everybody is used to activity streams from e.g. Jira to see all activities in his area.
Instead of the project dashboard Sonarqube UI should provide all informations relevant for users as quality profile changes, all (all! branches not only one main branch) activities for projects i have permissions …
Of course the user should be able to use some filter to narrow down the scope.