Change Main Branch in 9.9

SonarQube Enterprise edition 9.9 LTS

We have multiple projects that the primary branch is called Master instead of Main. The scans run without a problem. But the results do not show up at the Application level or Portfolio level.
If we go into the project and manually change the branch to master then it is possible to see the results, but it doesn’t show up in the default dashboard and the results are not included in the reports.

Looking through the API there is a way to change the main branch in version 10.2. Is there any way to do it, even manually through the web interface, to change what SQ considers the MAIN BRANCH?


To be clear, you’ve added the projects to portfolios, but they don’t show up until you rename the main branches?

It will be possible in SonarQube 10.2, E.T.A. early Sept, to change which branch is treated as the main branch. It’s not possible in previous versions.