Sonarqube display latest branch analyzed

Hello Team,
I’m using Sonarqube Developer Edition Version 9.2.4.
I was wondering, because for many of our projects the team pushes to a “dev” branch instead of “master” , i.e the jenkinsfile for sonarqube is present on the dev branch but not master.
Is there way to make it so that the default branch is dev? because otherwise the summary page shows as if the project is yet to configured(saying “Project’s Main Branch is not analyzed yet.”), and you have to click on it and change branches before it shows the analysis report.

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That’s a popular question today! I just answered it there (& am too lazy to repeat :joy:)


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Hi there,

Thanks for the answer, I guess there isn’t much to do except click a little more to reach what I want to see :joy: for now at least.


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