Show type/severity in tip box

It would be convenient if the tip box one gets when mousing over an issue in Eclipse would show the issue’s bug and severity icons next to, or in place of, the SonarLint On-The-Fly icon. Especially if the icons shown were the actual type and severity as shown in the On-The-Fly list(*) and not just the defaults, which one can get by clicking on the “Open description of rule…” link.

(*) The On-The-Fly list only shows partially correct information – see Sync modified SQ issue type with SonarLint for details.)

Hello @MisterPi and thanks for your suggestion. I think the underlying problem, especially for users not having the “SonarLint on the fly” panel open, is the fact that from the code editor or the tooltip, there is no simple way to access Issue Type and Severity. Of course it is possible to open the issue description where this information is shown, and still they are not necessarily the actual values (if overridden in SonarQube). We may consider providing easier access to this information - although we need to weight this against other priorities in our roadmap.
Let’s see if any other users in the community are interested in this improvement, in case please do not hesitate to add your vote or comments.