Info severity issues are displayed/behaves as warning in IDEA

We have on our own hosted SonarQube (Version 6.7.3) lowered rule squid:S00105 “Tabulation characters should not be used” to Info severity.

Then when I open a file with tab charactes in my IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate version, the IDEA show no errors and no warnings.
Only the SonarLint plugin is showing this one issue (squid:S00105) with info severity in the “Sonarlint” tab.
On the top of editor panel I can see yellow bar with the text “Replace all tab characters in this file by sequence of white-spaces.”
In the editor panel in the top right corner I can see green tick square (IDEA’s analysis) - there are no problems.

Then I change this file somehow and I go to Commit window, I have there checked checkbox “Perform code analysis”. Then if I press “Commit” it run the analysis and reports 1 warning to be found and if I open the warnings I can see there is warning “Replace all tab characters in this file by sequence of white-spaces.”

From my point of view the info-severity rules shouldn’t be reported as warning.
I am not sure if I am missing some settings to only report non-info severity rules as warning or if this is a bug of Sonarlint.

Can someone help me?


Sorry for the late reply - I confirm that SonarLint issues with severity “INFO” are being displayed as warnings in IntelliJ.
We will re-evaluate the mapping between SonarQube severities and IntelliJ severities so thanks for your feedback. I give an update about it.

We will soon show issues with the severity ‘info’ as “weak warnings” in IntelliJ.
Here is the ticket:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: