Sonar plugin rules severity differs from server

I’m using the IntelliJ SonarLint plugin to connect to my office’s Sonarqube server and I noticed that the severities reported by the plugin were different from the one showed in online reports. What could be the reason for that ? Everyone I asked this at work is clueless.

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this should be fixed by [SLI-412] Display rule severity defined in the quality profile - SonarSource
with Sonarlint for IntelliJ 4.10
What is your version ?


plugin: 4.13
sonarquabe: Enterprise 8.4.1

Hello Jordan,

To me it looks like you don’t use connected mode and your SonarLint doesn’t get server Quality Profile.
Please open IntelliJ Settings >> Tools >> SonarLint

Check your connections list. You should see at least one connection there:

If list is empty you should configure connection to your SonarQube server.
Then please open Project Settings for SonarLint and see if project is connected.
It should look like this:

If checkbox is unchecked and you don’t see connection and project key in corresponding fields - you should configure project binding.
After you configure everything your local configurations such as issues severity will match server configurations.

Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions if something is not working as expected or you have difficulties with configuration.

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