How to solve differen analyse results in sonarqube and sonarlint under connect mode?

  • SonarLint version:Intelli J
  • Programming language you’re coding in: Java
  • Is connected mode used: Yes
    • Connected to SonarQube 9.9.1 * (build 69595)

I’m using the SonarLint Extension in Intelli J connected to our SonarQube server, we are using a custom Quality Profile.

My problem is that some issues raised in the SonarQube server aren’t raised in the SonarLint.Even the rule sonarlint can detect problems, the number of detections is smaller than that of sonarqube,like the picture shown below.
I have noticed similar issues in the community, but I am still confused.The ultimate goal I want to achieve is for both parties to agree on the issue and rule out the rule that Sonarlint officials say will not be displayed
Looking forward to your reply.

looking forward to someone’s reply

Hello @KO_MOJI,

Thanks for reporting this, I think you encountered a known limitation. We are thinking about how to overcome this limitation, and in the meantime, we will document it better on our docs website.

So the workaround is normally to simply build your project with the green hammer in the top-right toolbar, and do it regularly to keep your compiled files up-to-date.

Let me know if this helped

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Thank you for your response and for addressing the issue. I appreciate your help in clarifying that this is a known limitation and that it will be documented better on your documentation website. And you’re right,after rebuilding the project,they are consistent.
If I encounter any further issues or have additional questions, I’ll be sure to reach out. Thanks again for your assistance!

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