[FEATURE] Show rule description on suppressed rules


As I issued with IntelliJ IDEA, It’ll be great when I can see the rule of an already suppressed warnings.

    "java:S127 // assigning the loop counter from within the loop body

It’ll be great when Quick documentation of the string of java:S127 show the rule suppressed.

Hello @onacit and welcome to the Sonar community.
If you use SonarLint in connected mode with SonarQube or SonarCloud, you have the possibility to suppress individual issues by selecting “Mark Issue As…” from the issue’s actions.
You can then activate “Include Resolved Issues” in the SonarLint issue list which will enable you to see suppressed issues (striken through, like in the screenshot) in the list and to access the rule description for an issue by simply selecting it.

We’re considering extending at some point this possibility to SonarLint users not using connected mode, we feel this can benefit several developers across language different language communities, not being a solution specific to Java.
Would this work for you?

Thank you sir. I does help.