Filter/sort on issue type/severity

SonarQube can filter on issue type so that we can focus on fixing bugs and vulnerabilities first.
This is a very useful featuer especially when we work on legacy projects with many existing issues.
Hope sonarLint can support this as well to make our world better.

Anyone has the same pursue?

This will be really useful feature especially for people used to other similar static analysis tools like PMD plugin.

Hi @heerak, and thanks for your feedback. I also read the related thread you opened previously (Add ability to group and filter violations by severity), and I would like to better understand your use case. Could you explain a little more why do you have the need to filter/sort/group issues by severity? For example, do you feel you have many issues
when you are working on legacy code (similarly as reported above by @cao_min) and you are trying to sort out which ones to fix first? And, do you feel this need when you use the SonarLint On-The-Fly analysis and/or when you run the SonarLint->Analyze feature on the all project?