Short lived branches behaviour


(Lmartinez Evr) #1


we are using sonarQube V6.7 in the following scenario:

  • we have created a short lived branch
  • we have put an issue in the code
  • the analysis indicates that result is failed (which is correct)
  • then we have modified the code again but without fixing the previous issue or inserting a new one. This analysis ends with OK.

Is this behaviour correct? If I have not solved the issue of the first analysis, should SonarQube show the issue and end the analysis with KO?

Thanks for your attention.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Does the issue still exist in the branch? Does it still have the status Open? Simply changing the last issue’s status from Open to one of Confirmed, Won’t Fix, or False Positive will flip the branch’s status from failed to passed.