SonarQube analysis on feature branches


We have successfully setup SQ on our project and got it working on our develop branch. We setup the quality gate with current issues count on our develop so that it can pass.

There were few feature branches which was created before we integrated SonarQube on develop branch. We are having issues with our feature branches when we pull the changes from develop branch to our feature branches. Feedback on feature branches lists down all the existing issues as Open issues. We were expecting only new issues to be listed as inline comments but it is showing all existing issues. How we can solve this issue for our existing feature branches?


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Hi Muddsar,

How are you analyzing these feature branches? As long-lived branches (in which case this is the expected behavior) or as short-lived?


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Hi Ann,

Thanks for your response, we were analyzing as short-lived branches. i have resolved this issue. The issue surfaced because i was missing attribute , so it was defaulting to master which was not desired.

Thanks for your support