Short Lived Branch status in 6.7.4

we just stared using branch plugin. We have sonarqube 6.7.4 (build 38452).
I understand that issue that quality gate for short living branch is hardcoded. So if somebody touch some code where was minor issue before, branch will fail.

But currently my colleague created his branch and added one minor issue. Then I’ve created my branch which should not have any issue, but analysis failed and I’m seeing that minor issue which was introduced in colleagues branch. Is this expected behaviour? I’m expecting that if I don’t introduce any issue my branch should not fail.


I’ve split your post off to a new topic. The one you posted on initially is getting old and should probably be allowed to die gracefully, in addition I believe your issues are tangential to that thread.

Not necessarily. The status should be red only for truly new issues. That said, we’ve made advances on this since the feature’s initial release, and you’re not on the current version of the LTS, so it would be worth upgrading to 6.7.6, and making sure your SCM plugin is up to date.

Again, please make sure your SCM plugin is at the latest version. I think this should be fixed.


Hi Ann,

Just to be clear, we are using community version with branch plugin. Are changes that you write about included in community version also?

By SCM you mean git/svn/… plugin right?




I can’t help you, then. Altho I would still upgrade yes your Git/SVN plugin.


is there way to this in community version? I mean is it possible to create extension for branch issues resolution and override the hardcoded quality gate? Something like community branch plugin.