Short lived branches code tab is empty

I am using SonarQube Community (v7.9) version with sonar-maven scanner.
I have installed the Community Branch Plugin.

When i run the analysis on master i see multiple bugs.
and then i change some code (which will result in actual issues) in my branch and then run the analysis again.
i see that the new branch is created in the dashboard. but quality gate has been passed with no new bugs. but this not be the case since i intentionally included some bugs.

also when i go see in the code tab its empty. seems like although i have modified the files the analyzer hasn’t identified that file as a new file.

i use below command to trigger a analysis.
mvn sonar:sonar

Am i doing anything wrong? Highly appreciate any help you can give me on this.


For hopefully obvious reasons, we’re not going to be able to help you here with the Community Branch Plugin. You should direct your questions to that community. Maybe the maintainer has opened up GitHub issues?

Thanks for understanding,