Server requirement in details

hello, i want to ask some questions about sonarqube and sonarlint, but for the first time will relate to sonarqube since its the group from the questions.

  1. i want to know if my pc hardware is enough to run dockerized image of sonarqube. i have a pc with this specification: ubuntu 21 with i3 3220 with 4g ddr3 ram + ssd 256gb
  2. i want to run this docker image locally (not thru internet, just local server that also run some of application server for development on local environment
  3. is local connection with wifi 2.4ghz for 5 devices enough to maintain the connection ?

are the requirement enough to run a sonarqube server along with the other dev things ? or can someone help me to give information about minimum requirement of sonarqube (i only read it can run on 2gb ram and additionally 1gb for the os and high speed read write disk, but not telling the minimum cores for the application)

sorry for newbie questions. thanks

Hey there.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for server requirements to run a Community Edition of SonarQube. Your needs for running a few scans on a day on small projects will be different than constantly analyzing huge projects.

You might be a bit constrained by memory to run other dev tools. 3/4GB of RAM will be accounted for. But even with just 2 vCPU cores, you should be fine.

A small-scale (individual or small team) instance of the SonarQube server requires at least 2GB of RAM to run efficiently and 1GB of free RAM for the OS.

Is local connection with wifi 2.4ghz for 5 devices enough to maintain the connection ?

Your LAN connection is probably faster than anything you’re connecting to over the internet, so I’d say it’s fine :+1:

You might also be interested in SonarCloud, free for open source projects and starting at $10 a month for private projects.