Security hotspots reviewed calculation

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  • which versions are you using . SONARQUBE ENTERPRİSE EDITION 8.9.10
    I would like to understand how security review has been E. As you see in below screenshot it looks E.

And you can see below screnshot with details.

I know if the Security Hotspots Reviewed
A->= %80,
B- >=%70 ve <%80
C- >=%50 ve <%70
D- >=%30 ve <%50
E- <%30A->= %80
I know Security hotspots reviewed (security_hotspots_reviewed ): The percentage of reviewed security hotspots. Ratio formula: Number of Reviewed Hotspots x 100 / (To_Review Hotspots + Reviewed Hotspots)

But Could you please explain me how it became E (meaning security hotspots revied <%30) ? Also how review looks as 0.0%?

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Hey there.

It’s an E because E = < 30%, and you have reviewed 0 security hotspots (so 0%). You can learn more about the security hotspots workflow here

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