Security Hotspot reviewed is showing as -- instead of 0.0%


We are running Sonarqube analyses in enterprise

version 9.3.
Post scanning we could see the Security Hotspot reviewed is showing as -A instead of 0.0% or any value in percentage for some of the projects. We have set the quality gate as well.
Can someone please help on how to make sure the Security Hotspot reviewed for the project.
Attached screenshot for your reference.


When you click through to the project and check the Security Hotspots tab, how many Security Hotspots do you see?


Hi Ann,

Thank you for looking into this, when i check the Security Hotspot tab, it shows There are no Security Hotspots to review.



Thanks for checking that!

So we’ve verified that it’s correct to have no data and the question is the representation of that “no data”: ‘-’ versus 0.

Typically ‘-’ does literally mean “no data”, versus “the data sums to 0”. Could you now double-check the Quality Profiles being used in the analysis of this project and make sure there are Security Hotspot rules enabled in them?


In the Azure pipeline task Prepare analysis on SonarQube we have excluded few file that is why it was showing “-” as you mentioned “no data”.

Thank you Ann for helping us fix this issue.

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