Security Hotspots not being listed

Under one of our projects we see the message “96.7% Security Hotspots Reviewed (under Acknowledged, Fixed, or Safe), but we don’t see the other 3.3% listed under the “To Review”.
So, looks like the issue is that the percentage is not reporting correctly, that is it should state 100%, or it is failing to list the 3.3% Security Hotspots under the “To Review”.
We are running with an Enterprise Edition, version
Anyone else experiencing this?


This does sound like it’s probably a math error, altho a bigger one than I would expect to see. Can you tell me how many reviewed hotspots you have?


We had 87 marked as Safe (under Reviewed), and we expected to find 3 under “To Review” for a total of 90, but 3 were not showing. We tracked the 3 hotspots to the Issues database and found them to have a status of “To_Review”, but a resolution of “Safe”, which we believe should never happen. We actually created a support ticket on this issue (43247) late yesterday (11/13).

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