Security Hotspots: can't assign hotspot in PR analysis

Nice feature! However it’s not possible to specify assignee from our project (even though they have access to the SonarCloud). Anything we miss?


Is your project public or private?

Assignment is possible on the top of the screen by clicking on the pen icon on the right of the “Not assigned”:

Can you share a screenshot of what you see on your side?


Hi @Alexandre_Gigleux!

  1. it’s a private project
  2. The issue looks to be reproduced in pull requests view but not in other cases.
  3. Here is the screenshot
    The user definitely has permissions (even Admin permissions) to the repo.
    And it’s possible to do the assignments in other cases

Thanks. The root cause of the problem was identified on our side. I’ll come back to you here once it’s fixed.

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The fix was deployed. Can you confirm everything is fine for you now?


Thanks @Alexandre_Gigleux! I’ve checked it and the solution works fine for me now!

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