How to show all Security Hotspots findings in all projects, assigned to a certain person?

Hello community!
I am facing with the challenge to see ALL Security Hotspots findings from all the projects that are assigned to a certain person (or me). This is easy to do for Vulnerabilities, Bugs & Code Smells, but impossible for Security Hotspots. Please advise how to do it.

Hi Roman and welcome to the community!

As far as I am aware there is no easy solution to this. The only option I see is to write a small script that queries the API and fetches the data. The process would look something like this:

  • Get the list of all projects.
  • Read out the hotspots for each project.
  • Check the assigned user.

The hotspot search API can only search one project at a time, thus you first have to get all the projects. Remember that there is pagination, so there are no more than 100 elements on each request.