Scanner prerequisites

I have a 32 bit windows based build server running jenkins for a (soon to be) legacy product.
Our server is sonarqube 6.7.5.
The associated cfamily plugin is
The build-wrapper-win-x86-32 is version 5.1 (win-x86-32).

As the build’s final job, can it copy the source code and build-wrapper-dump.json file from the build-wrapper output and put it into a new second 64-bit build server.

If so, does this second build server need anything other than sonar-scanner installed?
For instance, we compile with IAR - would the compiler need to be installed on both servers?
Is there an obvious flaw in my plan?


The build wrapper version needs to match the SonarCFamily version, and there is no 32 bit version of the build wrapper for SonarCFamily 6.x. Support for 32-bit ended with SonarCFamily v5.1.1!

Thanks Colin. So I have to use a 64-bit build machine with both build-wrapper and sonar-scanner.bat.


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