32 bit Sonar build-wrapper

Version: 6.8.0

What are you trying to achieve : Trying to move our VC++ source files to Sonarqube server for analysis

what have you tried so far to achieve this : Created a build command to build and move the VC++ source files to Sonarqube server for analysis


Our org is using latest Enterprise edition of SonarQube. We have a VC++ 2010 project [which is compiled and build using Win32 solution platform] that needs to be scanned for analysis from sonarqube and to create a nightly build in Jenkins.The latest sonar build wrapper available is build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe which is 64 bit [correct me if I am wrong].

But for source code analysis and running the nightly build for our project, we need a 32 bit build-wrapper I think [correct me here] with the current environment we have as explained in last paragraph.

Are there any download link available for a 32 bit build-wrapper for configuring and analysis purpose.
Or is there any work around for this kind of scenario.



build-wrapper is not available in 32 bits anymore, only 64 bits and you can analyze your code only on Windows 64 bit.

However, if you can build your 32 bit code from a 64 bits Windows it’s all good, you can analyze it without any issue.


So, you mean to say Sonarqube cannot analyze 32-bit code (used on ARM processors/compilers) with the current build wrapper available.

I had one more question. I see that our team had successfully sent/ported the same VC++ project source files (which we are trying to port/send now) from local system to Sonarqube server for analysis way back in the year October, 2019 as per the screen shot. Was Sonarqube supporting 32-bit during October, 2019?



SonarQube can analyze and fully support 32 bit code (even 16 bit code of some embedded chipsets) as long as you can compile it on a 64 bit OS, this should also answer your second question.